Monday, 3 September 2018

Industries need to review the Power Quality in their electrical infrastructure

Steel,Cement and Renewable energy Industries are being urged to reconsider their supporting electrical infrastructure. We are advising companies to invest in the Emerich Power Quality products. Designed to eliminate pulse-width modulation (PWM) frequencies to protect the electrical infrastructure, the products also increases the efficiency of the drive by improving power quality and it gives plenty of Power Quality benefits 
Regenerative power systems, such as solar panels and wind turbines, require extra care to ensure that the quality of the regenerated power is sufficient enough to be safely passed onto the grid. Often, the power is affected by harmonic distortions, which are generated by the high-speed switching of the power semiconductors in the frequency inverter.
In many instances, the filters being used are not designed to manage the issues that occur during the regenerative stage and, as they don’t appear to be fulfilling their primary function, plant engineers often turn these filters off completely. 
High-performance filters, like the Emerich AHM can be used in regenerative electrical systems to harness the harmonic currents that occur from high electrical frequencies.
Working to remove harmonic distortion from the network, the Emerich AHM filter has been designed so that it features a choke, which blocks higher-frequency alternating current (AC), while allowing direct current (DC) to pass through.

“However, regenerative energy systems often experience issues like harmonic distortions in their main lines, which reduce the overall quality of the energy generated. In addition to this, unresolved power issues can reduce the lifespan of individual components in the electrical infrastructure, like the drives.

“To help renewable energy companies overcome this, we designed the Emerich AHM filter so that it features a choke, which blocks higher-frequency AC power without hindering the flow of DC. The product also features a natural cooling component so that the filter does not overheat while in operation. This increases the overall efficiency of the drive, which in turn reduces energy costs.”